“The BI Academy has provided me with the tools and methodology to be able to present and assess business critical required changes and to be able to present the case for changes or the need for investment in my business and what the positive ROI will be as an output. I now value my time more and encourage others to do so also. By valuing your time, stripping out the NVA my team now appreciate what they can offer their clients that is true value add. Resulting in improved relationships, outcomes and role satisfaction. I would recommend the programme to anyone and I look forward to continuing to challenge myself.”

Alexa Crawford, UK Resourcing Manager – Ashurst

“Through the course, we have understood and identified necessary changes to be made in our workplace. We have used lean tools and techniques on specific processes which have improved our time management and which means that we can concentrate our efforts on other areas of the business. This is just the beginning as we are looking to introduce our learning into other areas of our work and will be involving more staff members on future academies”.

The Business Improvement team – Zoolab

“Having taken the time out to complete this particular business improvement academy I believe it has not only benefitted myself but also the company I work for. The detachment from the working day allowed me the necessary time to engage in the course work set out by Accelerate and incorporate this into how I act as a manager and how we go about tackling problems. Learning modern techniques such as process mapping to eliminate waste and understanding the clear importance of having a workplace fit for purpose will greatly improve how Scottish Galvanizers perform going forward.”

Martin Stevenson, Works Manager – Scottish Galvanizers

“The skills and knowledge we gained on this programme have allowed us to see, not just the day-to-day operational activities, but beyond those and into the processes themselves – and how we can improve these to create efficiencies within the organisation.  We can all see the benefits of continuous process improvement, which makes the steps towards changing how we do things so much easier to implement.  I would strongly recommend to any business that they take part in the programme, because we haven’t looked back since.”

Andrea Fife, General Manager – PSS Ltd

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