About Us

About Us

Accelerate Ltd was established in August 2003 to develop and deliver practical, project-based solutions to companies of any size and sector who want to improve the way that they work and do business.

We are not a traditional consultancy organisation – our approach is always to achieve results by working with the people who form a daily part of the organisation’s activities.

This means understanding and working with three key factors:

  1. Senior Management – agreeing where the business needs to go and prioritising what needs to be done.
  2. The behaviours that drive the way that people choose to work or feel they have to work.
  3. Developing individual / team understanding and confidence in applying management approaches and Lean tools and techniques that deliver real & measurable improvements to both the process and morale.

To date, Accelerate Ltd has worked with over 1,000 companies from all business sectors throughout the UK to help them deliver over £60m worth of benefits within their organisations. This is achieved through the use of lean practice and many other productivity improvement techniques.

We are an ILM centre and provider and as such many of our management development programmes are accredited. We have partnerships with other training companies and jointly deliver bespoke training to develop Lean cultures through Business Apprenticeships.

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Our Case Studies

Accelerate have a wide and extensive range of real pragmatic Lean implementation case studies across all business sectors.
Brian Butler

Brian Butler

Managing Director

Brian began his career in the 1980’s as a Vehicle Mechanic progressing through Industrial Engineering, Operations Management and Executive Directorships within various business sectors before setting up Accelerate in 2003. He has lectured at Durham University and is a frequent guest speaker at business events throughout the UK.

Tracy Butler

Tracy Butler

Administration Manager

Tracy has a distinguished background in International Banking having progressed through her career within a number of UK and European Banking Organisations. She joined Accelerate in 2008 to support the team in developing sustainable business improvement programmes with a focus on the Service Sector.

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